August 20, 2018

Control of roads


1988 Ford Bronco3-switch flat panel with LED’s installed in an ’88 Ford Bronco dash.

DSC01988 2002 Jeep TJ3-switch flat panel mounted in the dash of an 2002 TJ.

switches installed 2 1989 Ford Bronco2-switch fromed panel with LED’s installed under an ’89 Ford Bronco dash.


1995 Jeep YJ2-switch formed in-cab winch control panel with LED’s installed under dash.

sw1 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ Sahara2-switch flat panel used for in-cab winch control.

2-switch flat panel used for dual battery.


2004 Jeep TJ

Small 2-switch panel used for in-cab winch controls and 3-switch formed panel used for ARB compressor & lockers.

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