August 20, 2018

Control of roads

Offroad competition

The key for offroad as form of competition is that it uses cars that have four-wheel drive. In fact, no other cars had been able to compete in off-road, so the choice is quite obvious. In Sweden, the Swedish Automobile Sports, which organizes competitions in offroad and these competitions can be divided into five subgroups.

Easier offroad competition – Undergraduate and easier contests for beginners.

Trial 4 x 4 – Exactly driving off-road or on the track, usually with obstacles involved.

Challenge – Endurance Competition in difficult terrain. Team Competition which is very exciting.

Formula Offroad – Custom-built cars where it’s about to get up steep hills.

Monster Race – Drag racing Similar competitions are divided into smaller classes, Small Size, Mid Size and Full Size.

Offroad in society

Offroad Vehicles also fulfills a function for society and helping in disasters like landslides, forest fires, floods and the like. Offroad Vehicle construction allows them to more easily access the areas that are in rugged terrain, where fire trucks, ambulances and police cars can not normally get.


This was a small taste of what we hope to offer here on “All about offroad”. We will do our best to be as simple and easy manner as possible to give an introduction to these amazing vehicles and all you can do with them.


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